Our Teachers

Your teachers are professional photographers, teachers and artists. They have been working in the industry for many years and are very passionate about photography and teaching. Our Photographers are qualified and award winning, most have been recognised for producing work above a professional level. We have refined our delivery process to bring you a wonderful learning experience.

Workshop Group Size

Our workshops are kept to small numbers to allow us to deliver a quality service with group sizes between 5-10 we are certain we will have time to help everyone during the session.

Workshop Meeting Points

We hold our workshops at multiple locations in Brisbane, the primary starting point is The Photography Studio at Woolloongabba, as you progress through each workshop you will be given the details for each meeting point. Most locations are within one hours drive of the studio. You will have plenty of notice and direction with easy instructions to reach the individual workshop locations.

Camera Equipment

You can start learning with most cameras, if you can aquire a tripod it would be useful. The workshops are designed to teach you how to use a camera and take photos. Every camera has its limits however you can still capture reasonable images with basic equipment. It would be beneficial to have a camera that allows you the control the shutter speed and aperture. If you desire you can arrange to hire cameras try. Let us know if you want assistance with this.

Jargon Technical Terms

We will teach you how to understand them, that’s why you are coming to a workshop. Be confident we will do this in a user friendly manner and we will work with you until you can start to understand the idea of the terms. Once we help you get your head around it you will feel more comfortable talking about photography, cameras and techniques. That’s why you’re coming to the workshops to learn how to take better photos and use your camera.

Share One Camera

If you want to do the workshop with a friend or partner you are most welcome to share a camera.  Working as a team can be a great way to learn, You will need to make booking for both of you to attend and you can do the workshops with a buddy.

Rent a Camera

Yes we have some equipment available to hire for your workshops, you can also hire camera equipment from several businesses in Brisbane starting from around $70.

Workshop Cancellations

We do not want to ever cancel a workshop,  unless situations occur beyond our control or If the minimum number of participants don’t book for a set workshop date. We may cancel that workshop, you would be entitled to a refund for that specific workshop or you may reschedule to the next workshop date that suits you.


In most cases the only weather to cause a reschedule is a severe weather warning. Please be prepared for all weather conditions, sunny, rain showers, hot weather, cold weather. Please take normal steps to prepare for the days forecast. We may relocate or adjust to the circumstances when required. You will be informed if any changes are made due to weather for your safety.

Workshop Dates

We run workshops weekly all during year.  Workshops sessions start  from 3 hours, one day, 4 weeks, 12 weeks. Workshop dates, locations and schedules posted on our website for our members you can start joining at any time you like . If you want one on one training talk to us about a personalised training package.

Friend, Partner or Parent

You may be joined by someone for your workshop however they will need to pay for a seat to accompany you.